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'M For Malaysia' Los Angeles Screening

M for Malaysia Poster

This is your chance to watch 'M for Malaysia' Los Angeles Screening. This documentary film has been submitted for the Oscars in the "Best Foreign Film" category but we need your help to submit to two more categories for the Oscars  - "Original Music" & "Original Song".

You can do that by attending the screening event! It will be shown from October 25th to October 31st. More details below:

Dates: 25th October - 31st October Showtimes: 1:00pm , 3:10pm, 5:20pm, 7:30pm (view details)

Film duration: 92 minutes

Oscar Submissions:

Links to composer Rendra Zawawi

Some interesting facts:

  • The whole music team for this film are LA based Malaysians who are working in Hollywood on big projects

  • Rendra Zawawi has won 'Best Film Song' both in the Malaysian Film Festival 2016 and the Golden Horse Awards 2016 (regarded as the asian Oscars) for the song "Arena Cahaya" for the film "Ola Bola" with Malaysian singer-songwriter Zee Avi.

  • The orchestra for 'Bermula Kita' was recorded in the Malaysian Philharmonic Hall, an unprecedented occasion for commercial recordings



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